FOLLOWING THE TEMPLATE STEP BY STEP Template Update from Donner Lake, July 30, 2017 By: Rozlynn Worrall

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Template Update from Donner Lake, July 30, 2017

By:  Rozlynn Worrall  

Updated Use of Template on New Posts

The template that showed up on a new post was unformatted and thus difficult to follow.  I have added asterisks after each number to separate the text into manageable chunks to read, understand and follow.

Start with number 1 and work through each guideline:  At the end of asterisk line at the end of Number 1, insert your cursor and enter your Title following the template guidelines (Times, Largest, Heading, Bold) and click return to enter.    Once Number 1 is entered,  DELETE the guideline that preceded the entry and move on to the next step.

(NOTE: In this post,  I have completed steps 1-6, and eliminated the first five guidelines, but have not deleted number 6- through the end so you can see how it was followed).

Follow the next guideline as you did Number 1, essentially replacing the guideline with your text and deleting the guidelines you have followed or ignored  until your post is complete, all guidelines followed and deleted, leaving only your beautifully formatted post.

I HOPE this post procedure makes it easier for you to follow.

6) Naming protocol of photos: Left to Right. First names and last only. Modified privacy, when writing about others or identifying in photographs, use first names only, unless individuals specify that it is okay to use full name (i.e. a recipient of an award, etc.).*****************************************************************************

L to R: Stella K. and Chiara M

7) Sign Off: In Friendship and Peace (Times, Largest, Heading, Bold Italicized) Ex: In Friendship and Peace****************************************************************************

In Friendship and Peace

Online Notes: ********** *********************************************************** 1) Remember to use your Title, Subtitle and Date and byline in the posting line. ******************************************************************************

2) Remember to include tags-labels****************************************************************************Outbound,********** Inbound,********** City, State, Country******** Adventure,********** Food,************ Announcement,*********** Landmarks - i.e. Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore,********** Cultural Groups - i.e. Amish, Berbers,Japanese, Mexican*********************************************************************

Email Notes: ********************************************************************
1) Remember that your Subject Line includes Title, Subtiitle, Date and your byline: By: First and Last Initial or Last name if you prefer.***************************************************************************

2) Remember to add your tags-labels and any other notes for the admin regarding your post AFTER the In Friendship and Peace closure.***************************************************************************

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