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Farm to Fork and Wineries, Oct 28, 2017, Ray M


Farm to Fork and Wineries

Inbound from Toronto Canada, Day 4 of 8, October 28, 2017
By:  Ray M

Trip to Apple Hill Enjoy the crafts and all the apple products like a delicious apple fritter or donut.
11:45 am Lunch (provided) at Linda and Ned B.'s cabin

Apple Hill

Each year in the Fall, the apple orchards in Apple Hill put on a big festival. Lots of apple pies, fritters, other good things to eat.

Coloma - 1848 Gold Discovery

Many of our group went to Coloma (gold discovery site) instead of (or in addtion to) going to Apple Hill.

PJ, Elaine, Diane, Sophie at Sutters Mill monument at Coloma on American River

Diane at Sutters Mill (re-creation of original mill)
James W. Marshall discovered gold in 1848 on the South Fork of the American River. This event was the spark that ignited the spectacular growth of the West during the ensuing decades. The gold discovery site, located in the still visible tailrace of Sutter's sawmill, in present day Coloma California, is one of California's most significant historic sites. (excerpted from park website)

James W. Marshall found  shining flecks of gold in the tailrace of the sawmill he was building for himself and John Sutter. This discovery in 1848 changed the course of California's and the nation's history.   The photo above shows a replica of the original sawmill. Over 20 historic buildings including mining, house, school, and store exhibits are nearby.

Lunch get-together

We all (except Aubrey and Sally F) met at Linda and Ned B's cabin up in Pollock Pines.
Lunch included wraps, potato salad and a nice garden salad -- and pies!...

Pie time!  Lynn M, Kathy H, Bonnie, and our hostess Linda B

Lunch - view from the balcony. (and many others ate on balcony)

Amador Wineries

Elaine, PJ and Diane checking out wines at Turley Wine Cellars

Home-Hosted Dinners

Eleven Sacramento FF members homes hosted dinners for the Canadian ambassadors and theri home-hosts. Good food, good conversations, and good wine.

In Friendship and Peace

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