Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Open Day and Farewell Lunch, Oct 31, 2017, Ray M

Open Day and Farewell Lunch

Inbound from Toronto Canada, Day 7 of 8, October 31, 2017
By:  Ray M

The Farewell lunch party was held at Plates Cafe in Sacramento. More about that below.
But it is Halloween, so many came dress for the occasion:

Derek, Anne & Jean

First, we ate - a very nice buffet prepared by Plates.

Next, the entertainment!

Toronto FF Club Presentation

Toronto FF Club sang 3 songs for us - a really nice job too, especially considering this was their first rehearsal!

The one with the red nose is the choir-master
I tried to follow along but couldn't

Sacramento FF Club Presentation

In lieu of Sacramento's presentation, we heard three very touching testimonials from Plates staff -- how their lives were being turned around by the help and opportunity they get at Plates (link).

Afternoon was open with hosts. Derek and Anne went with Andy N to the Crocker Art Museum.

Dinner with hosts.

Trick or Treat with hosts at home or other Halloween activity.

In Friendship and Peace

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