Saturday, September 15, 2018

Arrival in Kiel, Sept 14, 2018, Ken M

Hamburg Main Railway Station

Arrival in Kiel

Outbound to Leuven & Kiel, Day 17 of 24, September 14, 2018
By:  Ken M

Trains, trains and more trains 

We descended on the Hamburg railway station, coming from all directions. Eight from Bremen had traveled together since we had left the first Journey in Leuven. Four had traveled independently from Leuven and two were old friends but new to this set of Journeys.

Our ICE high-speed train to Kiel

We traveled through extensive farming country dotted with huge windmills which are ever present throughout Germany. Patches of forest and occasional villages added to the tranquil scenery.
Wind turbines

The grand reception 

With only a minor glitch, we all made it to Kiel successfully. We were met by our hosts with their FF banner and taken to a restaurant for a coffee klatch where we shared coffee and incredible plum pie. Then on to individual tours of the city, Kiel Canal, other environs and finally to our homes for the next week

Another great day with Friendship Force.

In Friendship and Peace

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