Friday, September 21, 2018

Farewell to Kiel, Sept 21, 2018, Ray M


Auf Wiedersehen

Outbound to Leuven & Kiel, Day 24 of 24, September 21, 2018
By:  Ray M

Each of us said goodbye to our Kiel hosts and went in various directions – the end of the formal Journey and start of independent touring or just getting back home.

At the Farewell dinner last night, Jens (Kiel FF President) said it, and Inga (Kiel FF ED) said it, and Marty (our ED) said it. But I’ll say it again – the week went by so quickly, we’ve made all these wonderful new friends and now it is already time to go.

PJ and I took the train to Hamburg, on our way to search for the villages where my Great-Great-Great grandparents lived.  We had no problems with our short train trip, but a few did . . . 

Kathy & Bill D - 

We left for the Hamburg airport at 9:15 an hour early and it turned out to great planning because we spent it parked on the autobahn because of this serious accident.  We made the airport with plenty of time to spare.

Marty – 

Inauspicious beginning.  Train to Hamburg 10 min. late.  Elevator not working to platform 5, so carried luggage down the steps.  Train moved to platform 8.  Only door open was car 24, my seat in car 21.  Whistle blew as I was getting on train.  Took my luggage through 4 cars to my seat - sweaty and shaky.  Then came an announcement the train will be 45-60 min late getting into Berlin due to an accident train rerouted.  But the train’s WIFI works.

Terry – 

I missed my train to Berlin from Hamburg due to the change to track 8, which I didn’t catch. (So also lost my seat assignment). Caught a later train which will also be delayed one hour arriving in Berlin. At least now I know why...

That's all I've heard about so far - I hope all of our other Ambassadors are having safe travels and I'm look forward to exchanging stories with everyone when we get back.

In Friendship and Peace

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