Monday, September 3, 2018

Bruges, Sept 1, 2018, Pat G

Lace Making

Markets, Music, Museums and Memling

Outbound to Leuven & Kiel, Day 4 of 24, September 1, 2018
By:  Pat G

After a bountiful breakfast at our hotel (the Hans Memling, named after the famous Flemish Primitive artist who lived from 1430 to 1494 and is renowned for his paintings of bustling 15th-century Bruges), Marty, Chris and I struck out to the Saturday markets in the town square.  As we started our walk, the local “gratis” bus stopped almost in front of our hotel and provided us a pleasant ride to the markets.  Everything imaginable was available for sale, including clothing, plants, household products, and food.  Chris latched on to a pair of long pants and a fun lightweight sweatshirt.

Pat G & Chris B

We then visited 2 local art museums – both included works by Hans Memling.  A walk to lunch resulted in finding a local lace maker practicing her skills in the doorway of her shop.  Those hands just flew moving the individual spools around the pin design. (see top photo)

A harp concert was the highlight of the day.  A local musician not only played several traditional harps but has reproduced many others.  He writes original music and plays more than one harp at a time.  We saw and heard harps from China, Japan, Indonesia, Africa, Egypt and Ireland, as well as the ones he has produced himself.

A fun and interesting day!

In Friendship and Peace

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