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Free Day, Sept 8, 2018, Pete M


Free Day with hosts

Outbound to Leuven & Kiel, Day 11 of 24, September 8, 2018
By:  Pete M & helper

Today we took a short car trip from our hosts HiRo’s home to the small town of Waterloo.  It is a town about ten miles south of Brussels.  It was here that the fate of Europe was decided in a farm field.   It was here that more than 40,000 men were killed in a day long battle that ended the reign of Napoleon and made Britain the power of the 19th century.  Yes, it was Napoleon’s Waterloo.

At the sight of the battle there is a Memorial 1815 Museum which has wonderful displays and a movie where with 3D glasses you can experience the 1815 battle like you are almost a part of it.

Butte de Lion, or the Lions Mound is a huge green mound with a lion on top.  The Dutch were so proud of their contribution to the battle that they built the hill on the ridge where Wellington made his stand and won the battle.  If you climb the 226 steps to the top you have a sweeping view of the battlefield. 

Later that day we took the train back into the center of Brussels where a Beer Festival was being held.  One of the highlights of the day was enjoying a wonderful dinner of mussels and beer at Chez Leon restaurant with our host HiRo and her friends.   A great end to a great day. 

In Friendship and Peace

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