Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Trip to Spa

Outbound to Leuven Belgium, Day 7 of 24, September 4, 2018
By:  Linda M

Downtown Spa - note the green Art Deco building!

Mineral water anyone?  No, I mean straight out of the spring and tasting of minerals.  This was on offer on our first full day together on an excursion to the original spa, in the town of Spa, Belgium.

I much preferred the bottled. "Intense"  ( Lots of Bubbles) served to us in a pub in the center of this tourist town of 10,000. Before the excellent lunch we took a short walk, visiting a statue of Peter The Great, who was an early enthusiast of the healing waters of Spa. Look  on Facebook to see if anyone posted photos of the hanging baskets of vibrant flowers that fill this village. We took a tram ride through the town and into the surrounding park.

Even today one can experience the healing waters to drink and soak in. Massages, yoga practice, healthy living and a visit to the world’s first casino.  Many claims of cures are cited. One spring we visited even promises lifelong virility if the water was consumed on the spot.
American Cemetary at Henri Chapelle

Earlier in the day we visited the meticulously manicured American Cemetery, where nearly 8000 of our countrymen were interred during World War ll.  Their crosses and Stars of David are arranged in precise arc over acres of beautiful countryside.  A somber but beautiful site.

Tomorrow, a train ride to the nearby city of Brussels.

In Friendship and Peace

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