Monday, September 3, 2018

Ghent Farewell, Aug 31, 2018, Judy M

Graffiti Alley in Ghent

Morning in Ghent, Train to Brugge 

Outbound to Leuven & Kiel, Day 3 of 24, August 31, 2018
By:  Judy M

We enjoyed the morning on our own in Ghent (or Gent, the Flemish spelling). Walked through Graffiti Alley on our last morning to attend the Saturday morning farmers market.

As a last farewell to Gent, we gathered on the Stathuis steps for a group photo.

Top L-R: Marty M, Pete M, Pat G, Van D, Chris B, Jodi V, Middle: Ray M, Barbara B, Terry P,
Bottom: Judy M, PJ M, Mona M, Kathy H, Helen F
After lunch, we then bundled ourselves and our luggage into 2 taxi vans (somehow) and headed to the train station for our 20-minute train trip to Bruge. The trains here run smoothly and are very quiet. Even regular trains (which we were on) are fast and quiet (electric drive, welded rails so no clickety-clack).

Many years ago Bruge was an economic powerhouse. Today it prospers because of tourism. The architecture and the canals are beautiful, and chocolate and beer and French fries are beckoning you wherever you go.

Our day was going well until I screwed things up in the afternoon. While Barb was napping in our room, I locked the door and made a quick trip down to the front desk to rectify a problem I was having with WiFi. Only I ended up sitting and chatting with others instead of returning to our room. Suddenly after about an hour a young man came into the lounge looking for Judy and waving this note saying “PLEASE HELP. I AM LOCKED IN MY ROOM (302). Judy Maas has the key and may be in the bar or lobby.” I ran to the room and. Unlocked the door to free a very upset roommate!
Here’s to a better day tomorrow.

In Friendship and Peace

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