Thursday, September 13, 2018

Bremen, Sept 13, 2018, Emily H

Famous Bremen Town Musicians with famous club members Ken, Linda and Marty


Outbound to Leuven & Kiel, Day 16 of 24, Sept 13, 2018
By:  Emily H

This was a full, free day, cool but sunny. The hotel breakfast buffet was splendid, with champagne for mimosas. The main square on this Thursday morning was a flower market, and other vendors set up nearby.

Thursday morning flower market in Bremen

Marty and Emily ran into Linda and Ken at the famous statue of the Musicians of Bremen, and they all took a boat ride on the Weser River — along with about 90 school children! The text of the narrative in English was provided for us. As we disembarked, Helen and Kathy arrived to take the next tour.
Bottcherstrasse, the secret high street of Bremen

Marty walked in the Schnoor Quarter, the oldest district. Emily rented a bicycle and rode around Bergerpark and partway into Blockland (wetlands).

Some of us met at the St. Petri Dom cathedral for a free vocal and organ concert in the evening.
Side chapel organ in St. Petri Dom, where the first half of concert was performed

In Friendship and Peace

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