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Kiel, Sept 20, 2018, Bill D

Kiel Opera House - view from the stage!

Farewell Party – Goodbye to our new friends in Kiel, Germany

Outbound to Leuven & Kiel, Day 23 of 24, September 20, 2018
By:  Bill D

Kiel Opera House

The day started with a tour of the magnificent Kiel Opera House.  That had seen rebuilt in 1956 after WWII replacing the original one built in 1906.  Germany has more opera houses than the rest of the world combined because in olden times, every Baron wanted his own.

Our big chance - we're on stage!

Orchestra pit - we were cautioned not to fall in

The stage was 100 feet front to back and the orchestra pit was about 15 feet deep.  I sure wouldn’t want to make a misstep and fall in. 

Set building

Set building

The set building area reminded me of my Dutch grandfather’s cabinet shop.  The quality of workmanship was amazing. 

Costume Shop
Fat costumes in case you need to add some weight 

Or maybe a happy piggy?

The costume storage “closet” had 40,000 for men and 20,000 for women and one indispensable man that had them cataloged in his brain. 

Practice Practice Practice!

The young dancers were practicing moves that defied gravity.

Kiel University 

A Kiel shopping mall

After a tour of a beautiful nearby shopping mall we were treated to a special lunch at Kiel University with about 300 students.  Ulrich is a very well respected professor of economics there and was greeted by a number of his colleagues.

Lunch at Kiel University

Farewell Party – Goodbye to our new friends in Kiel, Germany

The evening was full of goodbyes and thanks.  Once again showing the reason for Friendship Force.

A renown local singer played lots of good German (and American) songs at Restaurant Neeth

In Friendship and Peace

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