Sunday, September 16, 2018

Free Day, Sept 16, 2018, Linda M

1937 MG -- I got a ride in it!

A Free Day with our Hosts

Outbound to Leuven & Kiel, Day 19 of 24, September 16, 2018
By:  Linda M

Eat your heart out, Ken Smith, and other autophiles. 
This morning Ken and I got separate rides in our host's old car.  This one was parked in garage – a 1937 MG.

I did not really drive this 1968 Triumph

1968 Triumph

We visited with our hosts an open air museum where we inspected many of the 50 plus buildings, some as old as 400 years old that have been moved from as far away as Denmark and rebuilt, stone by stone.  Many were furnished, including set tables and large armoires. Many houses were both living quarters and working places of a pharmacist, blacksmith, potter, dairy farmer etc.   I'm not sure how many acres it was but I recorded more than 5000 steps and we took the tram halfway.
Farm animals were enjoying the wonderful weather with us. Chickens, geese, donkeys, goats and sheep, all living the good life.

Helen and Marty came with their host to “coffee” which included Gaby’s version of plum cake among other pastries.

Our day concluded with a dinner at the hotel Martine overlooking the harbor. 
Dinner at Hotel Martine

A wonderful free day.

In Friendship and Peace


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